Getting a massage every once in a while is a soothing and pleasant idea. Many people feel so relaxed after a massage that they crave for one every day upon coming home after a tiring day at work which is practically impossible. Unless you are filthy rich and have oodles of money overflowing out of your wallets with even more back in your bank accounts, you cannot afford a massage every day. In fact, for some getting just one or two massages a month or even a year is an achievement. So what can one do if they intensely crave an after-massage relaxation while not being able to get a massage right at the moment? Pre-massage tips hold the answer.

Well, there are a few self-care tips you can follow at home to keep on feeling good even when their massage appointment is not anywhere around the clock yet. Even when you do not have a chance to go and get yourself massaged, these self-care tips can effectively help your body in feeling relaxed and stress-free, making you feel as if you just have had a massage.

Stretch Out

A muscle stretch is surely the most relaxing and energizing thing to do after you wake up, stay in the same physical posture for a long time, do a stressful activity, or are feeling tired for no reason. Try to stretch the areas of your body where your therapist generally puts more efforts in massaging and try doing it every day between your massage appointments. Ask your therapist for the stretches you must do and what kind of stretching can enhance blood flow in your body, thus reducing pain and inflammation alongside inducing various other beneficial effects.

Use hot packs and Ice packs

In between the consecutive massage sessions, you can either take any of the hot or cold therapy at home depending upon the temperature, bodily needs, and your activity routine. Hot and cold therapies are effective in treating pains, spasms, inflammation, swelling, and other injuries too. It is advisable to go for hot therapy after waiting for a day or two following a massage and only use hot packs in cold weather for severe conditions. On the other hand, cold therapy can be used at any time for acute conditions and ever solely for relaxation. Nevertheless, it is better to consult your therapist before going for any of these therapies at home to end up relaxed rather than getting yourself in more trouble.


Using a recommended oil or cream, massage yourself at home with or without the assistance of someone by gently rubbing your fingers in a circular motion at the reachable portions of your body. This causes the muscle and tissues at those points to relax, thus reducing pain and stiffness.

Exercise regularly and eat healthily

This fundamental activity you can do to have a better lifestyle and a healthy body is to adopt healthy habits like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. In between your massage sessions, following a healthy lifestyle is a key point to feeling good and stress-free.

The Takeaway

Self-care is irreplaceable. Although self-care rituals may never be able to replace expert skin care and personal care treatments, they are an essential part of pampering your lifestyle. If you want to live a healthy and refreshing life, start by rejuvenating yourself. For more information on self-care tips, consult with the experts at Essentials Day Spa today!

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