Traditionally an Arabian and Middle Eastern form of treatment used against various diseases, cupping massage is now becoming known all over the world for its surprisingly beneficial effects even it is way easier and less strenuous as compared to the other massage practices.

Cupping Massage Explained

Simply defined, cupping massage explained refers to a treatment in which various little suction cups are placed at some specific points on a person’s body, and then a suction vacuum is created above the skin under the cup. Later, these cups are pulled from against the skin of the person being treated, thus pulling the skin, muscle, and the fascia tissues with the cups, which has a relaxing sensation.

Cupping Massage types

There are various reasons and purposes to carry out cupping massage and, depending upon the purpose for which it is being done. Based on cupping massage benefits, the cupping treatment can either be dry or wet. Wet cupping requires a person’s skin to be punctured before the treatment so that some blood comes out upon the suction. This blood coming out is believed to be useless blood in the body, which takes many toxins with it as it comes out of the body.

Cupping Massage Benefits

There are numerous benefits of a cupping massage with pain relief being the most evident one out of all the benefits. Most of the people reported a sudden decrease in back pain after getting this type of massage. Other than the back pain, cupping massage can also relieve a variety of body pains even when suction is not directly carried out at the point of pain.

Treats Acne:

Cupping is also an effective treatment for acne and various other skin problems, especially when it comes to reducing dark marks and other blemishes from the face. Since it takes out all the toxins from the bloodstream, the chances for a breakout and pimples occurrences are reduced, thus leaving the skin clearer and cleaner than before.

Speeds up Recovery

Cupping also speeds up the recovery from diseases and other physical injuries by promoting healthier blood circulation and also provides relaxation to the body being massaged through the cupping method. This type of massage also reduces inflammation and helps the body to get rid of various microbial and fungal infections.

Aids tissue assessment

One of the most beneficial uses of cupping massage and cupping therapy for the modern medical science is its ability to help therapists in a better assessment of your underlying tissues. Based on the color of the patches formed, this helps the therapist know what areas need more attention.

Helps Chronic illness

When used in combination with other massage therapies, cupping massage can help in the treatment of chronic pain and illnesses.

Does cupping massage hurt?

Contrary to the popular belief and fear, a properly carried out cupping massage does not hurt at all. While there might be a little sensation of pain in the wet cupping if the suction cups are moved from one point to another, the overall feeling is more relaxing and enjoyable as compared to any other tupe of massage.  

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