As a woman, shaving your face every week can get annoying over time and this is why more and more women are now resorting to the dermatologically tested and approved procedure of dermaplaning to get the celebrity-like glow and neatness on their faces. Simply put, a dermaplaning facial treatment is an effective, painless, and hygienic skin exfoliation treatment. It not only removes the dead skin cells from the epidermis but also helps you in getting rid of those little patches of light hair on your face, thus leaving your skin smoother, clearer, and brighter than ever before.

What procedure does the dermaplaning facial follow?

The process of dermaplaning cannot be carried out and home by yourself. Booking a certified and highly recommended esthetician must be a priority if you want the results of your dermaplaning facial to be exceptional and free from any side effects. During a dermaplaning facial, the esthetician uses a clean and sterilized scalpel to shave the surface of the epidermis slowly to ensure that you do not get any cuts or bleeding. The scalpel is held at a defined angle from your skin and is moved in strokes like a brush. However, a dermaplaning facial only removes lighter hair from some specified portions of your face as it is not effective for thick hair regions like brows and therefore, the tool is kept away from those areas. The results are magical, with your skin looking and feeling smoother, brighter, and clearer than before.

Who should get a dermaplaning facial done?

A dermaplaning facial is a great exfoliation treatment that has almost no harmful side effects and is, therefore, suitable for many people. Anyone looking for a good exfoliation treatment to get all the dead skin cells and patches on the face removed can go for this option. Also, people who do not like their light facial hair because they trap dirt and oils must get a dermaplaning facial done. Besides treating the peach fuzz on the face, this facial also can lighten the acne marks and deliver instant results making it a good option for almost everyone. However, people with active skin breakouts and other allergies are not advised to get this type of facial done as it may irritate the skin further.

How often do you need to undergo a dermaplaning session?

For people with normal to very light hair on the skin, one dermaplaning facial per month is enough for your skin to glow all through the month. The normal rejuvenation and renewal of skin takes almost 30 days and therefore, having more than one exfoliation treatments during 30 days might have adverse effects in the long run.

However, everyone’s skin has its own needs and issues that can lead one to take more or less dermaplaning session as compared to the usual frequency. Therefore, it is better to consult an esthetician and then go for the dermaplaning facials accordingly.

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