Pain Relief Massage Packages

Pain doesn’t need to be apart of your everyday life. Essentials Day Spa’s massage therapists specialize in injury and chronic pain relief massage sessions using techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point and structural bodywork. Whether you are trying to diminish your pain, reduce injuries or improve your range of motion, we’re here to help. We have specialized massage packages to address your problem areas. Buy a Package Online and Call to Schedule (480) 758-5803.

Chronic Pain Massage Specials
Injury Massage Package

Injury massage aids in faster recovery for injuries such as sprains and strains, over use injuries and muscle spasms. Not only can massage help heal injuries, getting you back to being active faster, it can reduce future ones. Injury massage is perfect for athletes or those experiencing repetitive movement injuries.


This injury massage package includes two 60-minute injury relief massages and two 90-minute injury relief massages and cool therapy creme to use at home on the injured area.


Chronic Pain Massage Package

Chronic pain is difficult to live with and can persist for months or longer. It can also result in many other problems including lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, anxiety and depression. Chronic pain massage is perfect for those experiencing lack of range of motion, chronic headaches or lower back pain.


This package includes four 90-minute chronic pain massages and warm therapy creme to use at home on the area of pain.


Maintenance Massage Package for Injury or Chronic Pain

Recommended injury or chronic pain relief maintenance massage depends on several factors specific to your body and lifestyle. We can customize a maintenance package after completing the appropriate packages above.


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